If you've been driving around Hanover on worn tires or with squeaky brakes, now is the time to schedule spring maintenance. At Jannell Ford of Hanover, we offer a comprehensive range of automotive services that Brockton locals can count on. Schedule a service appointment today to give your vehicle the season-specific care it needs.

Get Your Oil Changed and Have a Battery Health Test Performed

Two of the most important steps on your spring maintenance checklist are getting an oil change and performing a battery health test. Fresh engine oil that's right for the warmer weather will keep your Ford vehicle running smoothly. It will also improve your gas mileage and limit ongoing wear. A battery health test will allow us to determine the remaining lifespan of this essential component, make sure that it has an adequate charge, and clean up any corrosion on the battery connections.

Visit Us Near Weymouth for Wheel Alignment and Tire Service

Another great way to limit your spending at the pump this spring is to see us for wheel alignment service. We can also check your tire tread depth, make sure that all of your tires are correctly pressurized and balanced, and equip you with a good spare.

Stop on a Dime With Our Brake Service

Regular brake inspections are a must. Let us change out your worn brake pads or rotors. We'll verify that your brakes are perfectly calibrated and capable of giving you the responsive performance you need for your drives around Marshfield.

Get a New Engine Air Filter and Tune Up Service

A new engine air filter will prepare your vehicle for rising pollen counts around Plymouth, MA. With a fresh filter, you can ensure that your engine never gets overwhelmed by airborne particulates. Moreover, if your vehicle is on deck for full tune-up service, we've got you covered for that too. Call us or make an appointment online for your spring service at Jannell Ford of Hanover.

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