When you decide that you need a new vehicle and decide that you want to get a Ford from our dealership in Hanover. You need to decide which works best for you, buying or leasing. Buying makes the vehicle yours, but leasing makes it cheaper and easier to return the vehicle if you want something else.

Jannell Ford Hanover makes it easy to afford your favorite Ford vehicle with our leasing options and global incentives. These specials give you better assistance on financing with cashback, bonus cash, and trade-in deals. Our deals can change throughout the year, but one vehicle we regularly have deals on is the Ford Explorer.

What the Ford Explorer will Do For You?

The Ford Explorer SUV is the perfect vehicle to drive your family around Brockton. Its engine options put out a lot of power so that you can accelerate on the highway without having to press down on the gas pedal too hard. While it may not have as much strength as a truck, you can still pull your boat to Weymouth Fore River for a day of fun.

The Ford Explorer also comes with a lot of fun features and classy looks. SUVs offer a lot of space in the cabin for both you and your cargo, and the Ford Explorer is no different. You will have a lot of opportunities to haul furniture, appliances, and other large items to your home in Marshfield. The interior also has technology options to keep you and your passengers entertained while running errands or on longer trips. Every recent year model has a touchscreen that can play music and radios or can show you how to get to your destination. Each Ford Explorer will elevate your life and make it easier for you to get through your busy day.

Visit Jannell Ford Hanover to Get Your Leasing Options

With prices and incentives like these, why would you want to go anywhere else to lease a new Ford Explorer? Everyone at Jannell Ford Hanover works together to help you go through the process to make it as seamless as possible. The minute you step in the door from your home in Plymouth, we will make you part of the family.

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