Get An Oil Change in Hanover, MA

Oil Changes for Your Ford at Jannell Ford of Hanover's Service Department

Ford vehicles of all types are built to last, but regular maintenance is needed to keep up with your vehicle as it ages. Whether you drive around Marshfield in an F-150 or a Focus, Jannell Ford of Hanover's service department can provide you with all of the maintenance that you need. This includes routine oil changes to remove the dirty and old oil from your engine while replacing it with fresh oil.

Oil Change Frequency

You must stick to a routine oil change schedule for the entire life of your vehicle. The actual frequency that you follow will have a lot to do with the mileage that you are accumulating over the course of six months or so. It also matters what kind of oil and filter were used for your last oil change. Higher quality oils and filters allow you to go longer in between oil changes, so this is an option we can look into if you're interested in having your oil changed less frequently. For more information, you can refer to your owner's manual for the actual recommendation for the vehicle that you have.

Benefits of a Routine Oil Change

Changing over the oil in your vehicle routinely will allow for your engine to run smoothly on any Brockton adventure. You can also increase the overall efficiency of your vehicle when you keep up on oil changes. If you leave old oil in your engine, this can lead to expensive problems with your engine, transmission and much more.

Get Your Oil Changed in the Weymouth Area

If you have any questions about obtaining a routine oil change for your Ford, contact Jannell Ford of Hanover at your convenience. We'd be happy to talk with you about the schedule that you should be following for routine maintenance and can schedule you for maintenance today.