It’s actually a rare thing when an automotive company splits a new line of vehicles into commercial and personal use quite like Ford has done with the Transit. What's interesting is that, while the chassis is more or less the same (some differences exist there), they’re actually quite different vehicles in a lot of other ways.

You've undoubtedly seen at least a few commercial Transit vans on the streets of Hanover MA, but you might find yourself wondering, what would a personal version of this vehicle be like? Would it have the same power and durability? Would it be a minivan, given the commercial version is a commercial van?

These are legitimate questions. The answer to the first two is that yes, it retains the dependability and power of its commercial sibling, but no, it's not a minivan. Not quite. It classifies itself as a passenger wagon, which does closely resemble a modern take on the classic minivan, but it’s honestly a little harder to categorize.

As a hard-working professional looking for a tough commercial van that can handle the road conditions of Brockton and Weymouth, or a personal driver looking for something that can carry your family in style, you've found your perfect solution in the Transit line.

Let's look at what distinguishes the two, and then the fantastic features they thankfully share with gusto.

The Transit cargo van (also available in passenger van form) is a powerful utility vehicle built to work just as hard as you do. Offering a powerful 275 horsepower engine option, vast cargo capacity, and rugged construction, this van is a powerful workhorse you can rely on. The passenger version can seat up to twelve people comfortably as well.

With the passenger wagon, a unique form factor reminiscent of a tall sedan mixes with comfortable seating for up to seven people, and a similar optional engine package and torque capability, meaning you’ve got the power of a commercial van under the hood of a luxury wagon perfect for big families, lots of cargo, or long road trips across America.

Both offer state of the art safety technologies with collision alarms, parking and backing up assistance, lane keeping and much more, including mobile integration with a high-resolution dash display, and you have a line of vehicles that’s perfect for work and play, and that applies really to either one! Come visit us at our Ford dealership near Marshfield MA today for your next luxury family vehicle, or your next hard-working commercial van!

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