Tire Rotation in Hanover, MA

Ford Tire Rotation Services

Tires wear unevenly. Jannell Ford of Hanover and Ford know front tires, which as you turn the wheel, wear more on the outside edges. Front tires also carry more weight, especially front-wheel drive vehicles. If left in their original places all the time, this means your front tires will wear down faster than the rear ones. You'll end up replacing your front tires sooner-potentially thousands of miles sooner!

Regular tire rotation prevents uneven tire wear. It ensures safer handling and smoother rides in Hanover and all over Brockton, saving you time, money and protecting your Ford and its passengers. Lack of rotation eventually leads to an unstable driving surface-even if you don't notice it while behind the wheel. This condition increases the possibility of poor traction in ice and snow, and enhances the chance of heat buildup, hydroplaning, blowouts and punctures.

Consumer Report says nearly half of all passenger vehicles on the roads of Weymouth are driving on at least one tire with an inefficient tread. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this condition initiates over a quarter of tire-related car mishaps.

Most Marshfield drivers tend to believe tire rotation merely is swapping back and front tires. This is a sound enough practice, but it's best for some vehicles to use a reverse pattern or a crossover, or some combination. Your owner's manual or car technician can tell you which recommended procedure most suits your Ford and tire. It's also important to know some tires cannot be switched, especially if you're riding on different sized tires.

Uneven treads force your Ford to work harder when traveling around Hanover. An ineffective power-to-ground output is going to increase your visits to the gas station noticeably. The tire rotation cost versus increased fuel cost should be a non-starter. Bad and uneven tire wear threatens unsteadiness on the road.

When you're ready, we invite you to make your tire change with the help of our parts center. Our experts can give you tire advice and set you up to have smooth rides once again.